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Jamaica Blue Mountain Dark Roast

Jamaica Blue Mountain Dark Roast

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Arguably the most rich, smooth, flavourful coffee we've ever tasted.

Write up from the Farm:

"The Blue Baron Estate, perched on an incline between 2000-3000 feet above sea level, is a spread of 138 acres of ideal Blue Mountain coffee land.  Lingering clouds provide a natural buffer for the luscious green coffee trees, offering shade from the sun's unrelenting rays; the low ambient humidity induced by the cloud cover contributes to the slow maturation of the coffee bean, combined with enriched soils enhancing the unique fineness of its quality.  

"Ripe cherries are lovingly removed by crews of trained harvesters, with each tree revisited up to 10 times over the harvesting period.  The harvested cherries are pulped and fermented using natural spring water, to further guarantee the quality.  The beans are then dried on barbeques and solar drying houses, cured, hulled and then carefully inspected for quality.

"Owned by the Minott family of Mandeville, Jamaica who have been growing and processing coffee for over 75years."

Available in 12oz sizes on website - please contact To Bean directly for other sizes (519)814-2326